A downloadable OOC: Anthology42 for Windows and macOS

This is a relatively short kinetic visual novel made by a friend and I for a university exam. The novel consists of over ten different mini stories and one overarching story which can only be accessed once completing the mini-story lines. The novel does contain some adult content which is used for the purpose of humour, therefore I advise you to be 16 years or older. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if the MAC version works. If it doesn't please let me know. Some art was outsourced, as was all the music. The references and credits are in the "About" section. 

Install instructions

Download and unzip I guess??

PC and MAC versions available. 


OOCAnthology42-1.7-pc.zip 337 MB
OOCAnthology42-1.7-mac.zip 320 MB

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